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Allo 2500 - Fuji Apple Ice 10 Mg/Ml

Sale price$21.49

FUJI APPLE ICE - Immerse yourself in the crisp and refreshing world of Allo's Fuji Apple Ice. This invigorating flavour combines the sweetness of Fuji apples with a chilling twist for a truly exhilarating vaping experience.
Allo Ultra 2500 Key Features:

  • Up to 2500 Puffs: Enjoy an extended vaping journey with up to 2500 satisfying puffs.
  • Enhanced Flavor: A specially crafted blend for an authentic Fuji apple taste with a delightful icy kick.
  • Smart Chip Technology: Elevate your vaping experience with the precision of a smart chip.
  • Convenience in Design: Effortless vaping with a hassle-free and mess-free design.
  • Long-lasting Battery: No interruptions – the powerful battery ensures a long-lasting performance.

Allo Ultra 2500 Device Specifications:

  • Compact Dimensions: Conveniently sized at 111 x 19 x 19mm for on-the-go vaping.
  • Robust Battery: Powered by a 1000mAh battery to keep you going throughout the day.
  • Generous Liquid Volume: A substantial 6 mL liquid capacity for an immersive and flavorful experience.

Step into the world of Fuji Apple Ice, where the sweetness of apples meets the cool embrace of ice, creating a symphony of flavor that delights the senses.