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Article: What is a Pod System?

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What is a Pod System?

In today's world, everyone is quitting smoking and making vapes their preferred choice. From the early cig-a-like devices to the more complex vape pens and box mod kits, the vaping landscape has seen a tremendous transformation. One of the latest trends taking the industry by storm is the vape pods system. If you're new to vaping, what does Pod mean?

A "pod system" gets its name from the detachable or self-contained unit it incorporates. This Pod, also known as a cartridge, serves as the vessel for holding e-liquid and typically houses a replaceable coil. The Pod is attached to the body or battery portion of the system, and it's within this Pod that the coil vaporizes the e-liquid, creating the satisfying vapor clouds associated with vaping.

These pods vape system come in various shapes and designs, often resembling the sleek and ergonomic form of a vape pen or adopting unique, eye-catching aesthetics. There are two primary categories of pod systems: "Open" and "Closed."

Closed System Vape

Closed systems, such as disposable vape pods, are known as non-refillable devices. In this setup, vapers purchase prefilled pods containing both e-liquid and the coil. Once the Pod is empty, it's disposed of, and a new one is inserted. Brands like Vuse, NJOY, Blu, KILO, PHIX, and others offer their versions of closed systems. Due to recent federal regulations, flavored prefilled pods are no longer available for sale in the Canada, except for Tobacco and Menthol options.

Open Pod System

Open pod systems, on the other hand, offer a refillable alternative. These pods are sold empty, providing users with the flexibility to choose their preferred e cigarettes. Most open pods are equipped with a fill port, allowing users to refill the Pod when it runs empty manually. Some open systems even support coil replacements, reducing costs and minimizing waste by eliminating the need for entirely new pods.

For instance, products like the Uwell Caliburn Pods feature non-replaceable coils integrated into the Pod, so when the coil is burnt out, you'll need to replace the entire vape pods. In contrast, pods like the SMOK Nord Replacement Pods allow for coil replacement, extending the Pod's lifespan.

Open System vs Closed System: Making the Right Choice

Selecting the right pod system depends on your personal preferences and vaping habits. Here's a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of both closed and open systems:

Closed Systems:

  • Pros:
    • Convenient and user-friendly.
    • No need to fill or refill; replace empty pods.
  • Cons:
    • Limited e-liquid capacity.
    • Restricted e-liquid options.
    • Generates more waste.
    • Generally higher cost.

Open Systems:

  • Pros:
    • More affordable e-liquids.
    • A wide range of e-liquid flavors and options.
    • Minimizes waste.
    • Typically, it is more cost-effective.
  • Cons:
    • It may be more complex; refilling pods can be messy.
    • Requires more maintenance.

Choosing the Right Juice

Once you've selected your preferred pod system, the next step is choosing the right e-liquid or vape juice. Your choice can significantly affect your vaping experience.

Closed pod systems typically limit your options to the prefilled pods offered by the manufacturer. Due to the simplicity of these pods, flavor choices are restricted, as are the nicotine salt strengths.

Open pod systems, in contrast, provide greater versatility. Users can opt for their e-liquid blends or choose from a wide variety of options from reputable e-liquid manufacturers known for high-quality production. When selecting e-liquid from vape shop for your pod system, it's generally recommended to go with nicotine salt e-liquids, especially for lower-power devices like pod systems. Nicotine salts are less harsh to vape, making them more suitable for high nicotine strengths, typically starting at 20mg.

While you can use free-based e-liquids in higher-powered pod systems, it's less effective due to the lower nicotine content. It's also worth considering the PG/VG ratio of your e-liquids, although this is less critical unless you're mixing your e-liquids or facing specific issues like leaking.

How Does a Pod System Work?

Understanding how a pod system functions is crucial to making the most of your vaping experience. These systems typically follow three primary firing mechanisms:

Draw-Activated Fire

This type of vape pod system activates when you take a puff, much like smoking a traditional cigarette. The Suorin AIR PLUS is an example of a draw-activated pod system.

Button Fire

Some pod systems are button-operated, requiring you to press a button to activate the Pod. The SMOK is an example of a button-operated pod system.

Dual-Type Option

Specific pod systems offer the flexibility of both draw-activated and button-activated firing, allowing you to choose your preferred method. The Uwell Caliburn is an example of a pod system with this dual functionality.

The choice between these firing methods ultimately depends on your personal preferences. Some vapers enjoy the familiar draw-to-fire experience, which resembles smoking a traditional cigarette, while others prefer the button-activated approach. Pod systems offering both options provide the opportunity to explore and find what suits you best disposable vape.

Style of Pods

Pod systems come in various shapes and sizes, offering a wide range of designs to cater to different user preferences. The style you choose is mainly subjective, as pod systems can adopt elongated vape pens with "pen-style" designs or sport a multitude of shapes.

What is a Pod Mod?

As the vaping industry continues to evolve, pod systems are becoming more complex and feature-rich. Users new to pod systems seek additional functionality, while traditional vapers seek a more portable option. This demand has given rise to pod mods, which offer the portability of pod systems combined with the advanced features typically associated with traditional box mods.

Pod mods introduce enhanced technology to elevate the vaping experience. These systems often feature larger batteries, display screens, power adjustments, and airflow control, making them versatile and capable of delivering a tailored vaping experience. While this topic deserves a more detailed discussion, be sure to stay tuned for future articles on pod mods.

Now that I Understand Pod Systems, Which One Should I Buy?

Choosing a specific pod system that suits your needs and preferences can be challenging due to the wide variety available. To make an informed decision, consider the following:

Design and Functionality

Determine the style and features you desire in a pod system. Assess whether you prefer a draw-activated, button-activated, or dual-activated firing mechanism.

Warranty and Age Verification

Ensure that the pod system you choose comes with a warranty for manufacturer defects. Additionally, confirm that the seller has an age verification system in place to comply with regulations.

Customer Service

Opt for a retailer such as Clutch Vape with responsive customer service and fast shipping to address any inquiries or issues promptly.

Pod systems offer a convenient and versatile way to enjoy vaping, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned vaper. With the right pod system and e cigarettes, you can start a satisfying and enjoyable vaping journey.

Shop with us

When shopping with Clutch Vape, rest assured that all pods are available on vape store online systems come with a 30-day warranty for manufacturer defects, and additional warranties are provided directly by the manufacturer when applicable. We are committed to youth prevention through age verification and offer fast order processing and responsive customer support. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Happy vaping!

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