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If you're trying to decide which vape to buy, the number of features and variety available has expanded so dramatically in recent years that it can make your head spin. The world of online vaping has opened up many options, and finding the perfect vape for your needs can be daunting. It is particularly true if you're new to vaping and need help figuring out where to start. If you walk into a brick-and-mortar online vape shop, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the array of vaping products, some of which may cater more to experienced users.

Imagine going home with a massive, colourful vape mod as your first device. While it might look impressive, you may quickly discover that it's more powerful and sophisticated than what you need, not to mention more expensive. So, What is the ideal vaping device for a smoker looking to quit, and what should you buy if you've been vaping for some time and want more features?

Here are some vaping devices to help you make an informed choice.


One of the most user-friendly vape types is the pod system. It stores e-liquid in plastic disposable pods with a handy filling port, making refills a breeze. Most pod vaping systems feature puff-activated firing, allowing you to inhale and vape effortlessly. The primary advantage of pod systems is their low maintenance. When the flavour in a pod changes, replace the atomizer coil or dispose of it when it is too dirty to clean.

Compared to other vape types, pod systems excel in ease of use. You need only keep it charged, prefilled pods with e-liquid, and occasionally replace the coil or pod. The convenience of pod systems also makes them ideal for enjoying nicotine salt e-liquids. With a pods quality system, you'll experience a tight airflow reminiscent of a cigarette and a satisfying throat hit.


Pod mod vapes are the perfect fusion of simplicity and advanced features. These devices combine the convenience of pod systems with the option to dispose of pods online when cleaning becomes impractical. Pod mods are an excellent choice for vapers with some experience who seek a more complete vaping experience.

Manufacturers like Innokin have invested significant resources in pod-based vape types, and as a result, pod mods have advanced features previously exclusive to vape mods. They offer longer battery life, produce more vapour, commonly quality variable wattage, adjustable airflow, and a more comprehensive range of coil selections. Some even support rebuildable coils.


Vape pens have been a staple in the vaping world for years. These cylindrical, refillable devices come in various shapes and sizes, often resembling ballpoint pens or cigars. Vape pens offer a conventional vaping experience that many vapers appreciate. Their compact design makes them portable, and the familiarity of holding a vape pen can be reminiscent of smoking a cigar.

Vape pens are known for their reliability, with longer battery life and more vapour production compared to entry-level pods quality systems. Using a vape pen is straightforward and based on well-established technology. Manufacturers like Innokin have had ample time to perfect their vape pen designs, making them a dependable choice for many vapers.


Vape mods represent the pinnacle of vaping power and customization. These devices are typically larger and boxier, accommodating more massive batteries; some can house two batteries. Vape mods offer the most power delivery and extended battery life, generating up to 200 watts, depending on battery capacity.

The 510-thread connection on vape mods allows them to be used with various tanks or rebuildable atomizers. This versatility means you can achieve enormous clouds and bold flavours with the most demanding atomizer coils.


The choice among these vape types hinges on your preferences and style. Pod system vapes offer the ultimate convenience and are perfect for beginners. Pod mod vapes provide more customization and are great for those who prefer refillable pods and adjustable settings. Vape pens are compact and ideal for on-the-go vaping, often with a direct-to-lung inhale. On the other hand, vape mods cater to experienced users who relish cloud chasing and intricate setups.

To make the right decision, consider factors like portability, ease of use, customization options, and vaping intensity. If you're a new vaper or a professional, you can shop from Clutch Vape and check their  Online Vape selections to Pods Online for the perfect vaping experience.


What are the different kinds of vapes? 

There are four main types of vapes: Pod System Vapes, Pod Mod Vapes, Vape Pens, and Vape Mods. Each type has its unique features and suitability for different vaping preferences.

What does a vape look like?

Vapes come in various shapes and sizes, typically consisting of a battery component and a tank or pod for holding the e-liquid. The appearance can range from compact, pen-like devices to more extensive, boxy mods with customizable features.

Which vape is best for beginners?

Pods Quality System Vapes are often recommended for beginners. They are user-friendly, require minimal maintenance, and provide a straightforward vaping experience.

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