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Waka Smash - Blackcurrant Mint

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Indulge in the bold and refreshing fusion of blackcurrant and mint with every sip of Waka Smash

Introducing Waka Smash - Blackcurrant Mint! An exceptional blend of tangy blackcurrants and refreshing mint that will send your taste buds on a flavor-filled journey. This premium e-juice is the perfect balance of fruity sweetness and cool menthol, delivering an exhilarating vaping experience like no other. With its invigorating aroma and rich velvety texture, Waka Smash - Blackcurrant Mint is the ultimate indulgence for those who crave a unique vaping sensation. Made with only the finest ingredients, this vape juice promises to satisfy even the most discerning palate with every puff. Feel refreshed like never before with Waka Smash - Blackcurrant Mint!

  • Refreshing and invigorating flavor of blackcurrant and mint
  • Allnatural ingredients for a guiltfree indulgence
  • Boosts energy levels with natural caffeine from green tea extract
  • Convenient onthego packaging perfect for busy lifestyles