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Indulge in the tropical goodness of ELFBARs Low IT Mango Passion Fruit 5500, fueling your body with deliciously healthy energy.

Indulge in the tropical flavors of Mango and Passion Fruit with ELFBAR's Low IT Mango Passion Fruit 5500. With only 30 calories per serving, this snack bar packs a punch of flavor without weighing you down. Made with natural ingredients and absolutely no artificial sweeteners or trans fats, you can munch away guilt-free knowing that every bite is fueling your body with vitamins and minerals essential for optimal health. Whether enjoyed as an on-the-go breakfast or mid-day pick-me-up, ELFBAR's Low IT Mango Passion Fruit 5500 will have you feeling energized and satisfied all day long!

  • Boosts Energy: ELFBAR
  • LOW IT Mango Passion Fruit 5500 is a perfect snack to boost your energy levels and keep you going throughout the day
  • Rich in Nutrients: This delicious bar is packed with essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote overall health and wellbeing
  • LowCalorie Snack: With only 95 calories per bar, it's an ideal lowcalorie snack option for those who are conscious about their calorie intake but still want to indulge in something tasty
  • GlutenFree & Vegan Friendly: Made with allnatural ingredients, this glutenfree and veganfriendly snack is perfect for people with dietary restrictions or food allergies