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ELF BAR BC 5000-Frozen Bar

Sale price$19.99 Regular price$29.99

Experience the refreshing taste of winter with ELF BAR BC5000 - Frozen Bar. Designed for on-the-go vaping, this disposable vape offers a frosty sensation that invigorates the senses.

Key Features:

  1. Cooling Sensation: Enjoy a chilling blast with every puff.
  2. Convenient Design: Sleek and portable for easy vaping anytime, anywhere.
  3. Long-lasting Battery: Provides extended use without the need for charging.
  4. Pre-filled E-liquid: No refilling or maintenance required.


  • Nicotine Strength: 5% 
  • E-liquid Capacity
  • Battery Capacity: 550mAh
  • Puff Count
  • Flavor Profile: Icy Menthol