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Sale price$19.99

Embark on a flavor journey with BREEZE PRO - PEACH MANGO disposable vape. Immerse in prefill convenience, tantalizing e-liquid, and explore the key features and specifications for an elevated vaping experience.

BREEZE PRO Key Features:

  1. Premium Flavors: Savor the delightful blend of juicy peach and tropical mango.
  2. Prefill Convenience: Ready-to-use with no mess or hassle, ensuring a seamless vaping experience.
  3. Disposable Vape: Convenient and portable, perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts.

BREEZE PRO Specifications:

  1. Nicotine Level: Standard nicotine for a satisfying hit.
  2. Battery Capacity: Long-lasting power for extended usage.
  3. E-liquid Capacity: Generous reservoir for prolonged enjoyment.
  4. Design: Sleek and ergonomic design for a comfortable grip.

Immerse yourself in the luscious fusion of peach and mango while enjoying the hassle-free convenience of BREEZE PRO - PEACH MANGO disposable vape.