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Experience the sweet satisfaction of Apple Drop-Peach with a refreshing 20mg kick in every 30ml bottle.

Introducing the Apple Drop-Peach 20 mg 30ml, a one-of-a-kind CBD tincture that offers a unique and delightful flavour experience. Made with premium quality ingredients, this product is carefully crafted to provide maximum effectiveness while maintaining a formal tone. Each serving delivers a precise dose of CBD extract combined with the mouthwatering taste of fresh peaches and crisp apple drops. Whether you're new to CBD or simply looking for an alternative way to enjoy its benefits, this product is sure to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations. So why wait? Try it out today!

  • Enjoy the delicious blend of apple and peach flavours with every puff
  • The 20 mg nicotine strength provides a satisfying vaping experience for ex-smokers
  • Comes in a convenient 30ml bottle, perfect for onthego use or as part of your daily routine
  • Made with high-quality ingredients to ensure a smooth and consistent flavour profile every time you vape 
APPLE DROP-PEACH 20MG 30ML Default Title
APPLE DROP-PEACH 20MG 30ML Sale price$24.99 Regular price$27.99