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STRAWBERRY KIWI - A Burst of Juicy Fusion. Experience the delightful fusion of fruity sweetness with ALLO SYNC Strawberry Kiwi. This flavor is a harmonious blend of luscious strawberries and tangy kiwi, creating a burst of refreshing and vibrant taste. Designed to tantalize your taste buds, Strawberry Kiwi offers a fruity vaping experience that is both satisfying and invigorating.
  • Sleek and Compact Design: Strawberry Kiwi comes in an ALLO SYNC device with a sleek and compact design.
  • User-Friendly Operation: The ALLO SYNC device featuring Strawberry Kiwi is designed for user-friendly operation.
  • Portability at Its Best: Enjoy the convenience of portability with the compact design of the ALLO SYNC device.
  • Disposable Convenience: Strawberry Kiwi, within the ALLO SYNC device, offers the simplicity of a disposable solution.
  • Diverse Flavor Selection: Explore the range of ALLO SYNC flavors, including Strawberry Kiwi, for a diverse and satisfying vaping experience.
ALLO SYNC DEVICE Specifications:
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable Build: The ALLO SYNC device housing Strawberry Kiwi is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip.
  • Built-in Battery Performance: Strawberry Kiwi ensures consistent power with its reliable built-in battery.
  • Optimal E-liquid Capacity: The ALLO SYNC device is equipped with optimal e-liquid capacity to minimize the need for frequent replacements.
  • Nicotine Precision for Enjoyable Hits: Strawberry Kiwi within the ALLO SYNC device incorporates a precisely balanced nicotine formula.
  • Express Your Style with Aesthetic Options: The ALLO SYNC device featuring Strawberry Kiwi is available in a selection of stylish colors.