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Banana Ice 10mg - 30mL

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BANANA ICE - 10mg - 30mL - Chilled Banana Elation. Embark on a frosty journey of fruity delight with BANANA ICE - 10mg - 30mL, an e-liquid that merges the luscious taste of ripe bananas with an invigorating blast of menthol. This tantalizing concoction is meticulously crafted for vapers who crave the perfect harmony of sweet and cool sensations. Encased in a convenient 30ml bottle with a 10mg nicotine strength, BANANA ICE ensures a satisfying nicotine hit while delivering the refreshing essence of chilled banana elation.
BANANA ICE Key Features:
  • Chilled Banana Fusion: BANANA ICE presents a delightful fusion of sweet and ripe banana flavors with the exhilarating chill of menthol.
  • 10mg Nicotine Strength: BANANA ICE features a 10mg nicotine strength, providing a moderate and satisfying nicotine hit.
  • 30ml Bottle Size: The 30ml bottle size of BANANA ICE strikes a balance between portability and an ample supply of e-liquid.
  • Icy Refreshment: Immerse yourself in the icy refreshment of BANANA ICE, where every inhale is a burst of coolness that complements the sweet and tropical banana essence.
  • Vibrant Packaging Design: BANANA ICE features a vibrant and engaging packaging design that captures the lively and refreshing nature of the e-liquid.
BANANA ICE Specifications:
  • Nicotine Strength: BANANA ICE is available in a 10mg nicotine strength, delivering a moderate and satisfying nicotine hit.
  • Bottle Size: The e-liquid is presented in a convenient 30ml bottle, offering a balanced size for vapers who prioritize both portability and a sufficient supply of BANANA ICE.
  • Flavor Profile: BANANA ICE boasts a delightful flavor profile, combining the natural sweetness of ripe bananas with the invigorating chill of menthol.
  • Ingredients: BANANA ICE is crafted with high-quality ingredients, ensuring a premium and refreshing vaping experience.
  • Texture and Mouthfeel: Experience the smooth and invigorating texture of BANANA ICE, enhancing the overall mouthfeel with each inhale.